Whether you’ve always been proactive about your health, you’re managing a chronic illness, or your busy schedule keeps you from taking care of yourself—Novara is for you.

With a Novara membership, you get unlimited visits, digital appointments, and innovative, data-driven approaches, as well as personalized recommendations and health planning. Most importantly, you get to build a relationship with a doctor you can trust. Someone who’ll listen to you and work with you to get your health to where it needs to be.

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What does your membership include?

Your Novara membership includes the essential services, tests, and procedures necessary to provide you with comprehensive, preventive, routine, and private health care.

  • Trusted Advisor for your Health

    Personal, proactive, concierge level guidance helps you set health goals, but also provides you with the accountability to help you reach those goals.

  • Concierge-level assistance

    Scheduling tests and procedures, engaging top specialists, coordinating schedules and hospital care.

  • Travel Medicine

    Make every travel experience effortless. Get the medicine you need ahead of time, or call us from anywhere.

  • Art of Wellness visit

    Yearly 60-minute visit includes a physical exam, review of your medical history and lab results, and wellness goal-setting.

  • Unlimited access to your doctor

    Connect with us virtually or at the Novara office for primary care services.

  • Extended doctor visits

    30-to-60 minute visits that start on time. Guaranteed same day or next day visits.

  • Advanced technology and electronic tools

    The latest evidence-based software for prevention and treatment, electronic health records, secure text communication, and wellness monitoring apps.

  • Basic lab testing

    Includes cholesterol, glucose, mono, pregnancy, A1C, urinalysis, and strep throat testing.

  • Comprehensive wellness services

    Health risk appraisals, health screenings, biometric screenings, and strategic health planning.

  • Electrocardiogram test (EKG)

    Regular heart electrical activity monitoring.

  • Minor office procedures

    Professional component of suturing, joint injections, and skin biopsies; cost for supplies applies.

  • Traditional Primary Care Services

    This includes typical services such as monitoring cholesterol and hypertension, weight management, and managing diabetes and thyroid conditions

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We’ve been open since September of 2016 and have grown to our current state full capacity. We know that volume is the enemy of what we offer, so we guard against it with great intention. With that said, we do have a waiting list for interested parties and I open up slots when we have the capacity.

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