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Yes. The benefits of our services depend on a contract between the doctor and the patient.
Monthly membership fees in primary healthcare is certainly a new idea. Here's why it makes sense for both of us! In a conventional model, primary care physicians are reimbursed by insurance companies for the individual visits you make to the doctor’s office. This model creates a monetary incentive for doctors to see as many patients as possible each day. And even if you have good insurance, there can still be unpredictable costs involved in your care. With a concierge model, things are different. The predictable monthly membership fee allows your doctor to provide you with exceptional care, beyond what a typical primary care facility is setup to do. You get longer appointments, virtual visits or virtual “house calls”, and proactive data-driven health tracking. At Novara, your doctor is your trusted advisor, proactively working to increase your health.
Membership is very easy to initiate. Just sign up here. Once we receive notification of your membership activation, our staff will reach out to you by phone or email to welcome you to Novara. While medical advice and treatment may begin immediately, most patients prefer scheduling their two hour Executive Physical soon after becoming a member. We believe this encounter (think of it as a strategic planning session) provides us with the opportunity to get to know one another, review your history and establish goals over the next year to optimize your health and wellness.
Think of this visit as a strategic planning session for your health. We block 2 hours for this visit and the timing actually goes by very quickly. This visit gives us a chance to learn about you…. The real you. What do you enjoy? Who do you spend your time with? What matters most to you? Where can we improve your health? What current ailments bother you? What goals do you have in the immediate and not so immediate future? During this visit we will also perform a complete physical exam. If screening bloodwork, immunizations or an EKG is needed, we will offer these to you during this visit.
Absolutely. Dr. Hager’s residency at Lancaster General Hospital included more than 6 months of training at Women and Babies Hospital. He is capable and comfortable completing exams, rendering advice, or researching answers for some of the needs unique to women’s health. In our experience, most patients find that gender preferences for their provider are secondary to the ability to connect and trust their provider. For our female patients who would prefer to have a female doctor perform their annual gynecological exam, we can arrange this to be completed, in our office, at no charge.
No. We have studied and learned from iconic customer service organizations across the globe. Not just health care. We believe this means being flexible with things like collecting membership. You can pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. You can also cancel at any time.
Absolutely. Dr. Hager completed a residency program that included extensive pediatric, adolescent, and newborn care. We have special rates for children and families and thoroughly enjoy seeing whole families. We certainly consider ourselves a concierge family practice. It is quite beneficial to provide care for one member of a family when you understand the dynamics of the rest of the members of the family.
Because Novara is part of Lancaster General Health Physicians, Dr. Hager works closely with the region’s leading medical and surgical specialists. Often times, we are able to arrange an electronic consult where a medical opinion is provided without his patients seeing a specialist in their office. If an in-person office visit is necessary, Novara’s team will help to coordinate your calendar with the availability of the specialist. Many patients feel this coordination dramatically enhances the care you receive from the specialist. Additionally, Dr. Hager’s involvement allows him to “Quarterback” the care delivered and make sure that all team members work together for your best outcomes.
Yes, we are proud partners with LGH. This is a vibrant partnership which brings together the benefits of the region’s leader in healthcare, Penn’s world class innovation and specialty care, with a very unique concierge practice that is small, nimble and unique. By being part of the LGHealth/Penn Medicine system, you have the security of knowing that this practice has a firm, stable foundation. Additionally, Novara is able to access resources which wouldn’t be available to a small independent practice. We utilize the Epic Electronic Health Record (world class, only available to large organizations and used by Penn, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins and others). Epic allows us to keep your health information in one, safe place. Seeing a specialist at LGHealth? Excellent, we can communicate directly with them in your chart. Receive your yearly mammogram at the Outpatient Pavilion? All of your records will be visible to us right here at Novara. You can be rest assured that Novara provides you with the greatest resources available to deliver personalized, innovative, relationship-based care. And, we are proud of the relationships we have outside of our four walls.

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