Technology, just like healthcare in general, doesn’t have to be complicated.

In today’s world, technology is ubiquitous.

Using a health app to track physical fitness

TIME Magazine estimates that the average American checks their smartphone at least 46 times per day. It’s not a surprise considering we use our phones to make daily tasks easier—finding directions, creating reminders, transferring money, catching up on news, checking the weather, taking photos, posting on social media, and sending emails—all with the swipe of a finger.

With the growth of smart technology, the healthcare industry is now joining forces with tech developers to offer progressive solutions to patients. Emerging technologies such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence are helping to combat large health problems and are predicted to be the future of healthcare. As exciting as this is, technology doesn’t have to be futuristic for it to be useful. Even everyday technology can facilitate solutions for both doctors and patients. Unfortunately, most doctors find it difficult to incorporate these technologies into their everyday practice.

At Novara, we believe knowledge is power.

We want to empower you to utilize everyday technology to collect the right information to help you achieve your goals. We work with our patients as they use apps to track diet, fitness devices to monitor sleep and exercise, and blood pressure cuffs that provide daily and weekly updates directly to our office. We believe embracing this technology builds improved awareness of baseline factors that contribute to your overall wellness. And, we’ve seen firsthand how this knowledge strengthens our doctor-patient partnerships.

Our passion is personalized healthcare. Whether it’s tracking your vitals via Apple Healthkit, when you step on the scale each morning, monitoring your blood pressure at home through a biometric app, or monitoring your heart rhythm remotely, we incorporate data-driven and evidence-based methods into your care. This powerful data equips us to manage your preventative care, treatment, and even diagnoses.

We also use technology to enhance our communication with you. We offer virtual video calls and secure texts with staff, allowing us to provide real-time responses to pressing questions.

Technology, just like healthcare in general, doesn’t have to be complicated. That’s why we utilize everyday technologies to forge doctor-patient relationships fit for modern life.