There’s nothing quite like the feeling of flying. The precision and rush of taking off and landing. The patch-work views of farms and cities and forests below. The freedom that comes from being up there, in the sky.

It’s safe to say Woody’s passion is all things aviation. As much as he can help it, he prefers to spend his time soaring high over the mid-Atlantic piloting his Cessna 210 at speeds of over 150 mph. Usually, this means traveling toward a favorite destination with his wife and two daughters.

As a medical professional himself, Woody knows his health is important. But his busy schedule—which includes grueling shifts and multi-week stretches with no time off—makes it difficult for him to get access to healthcare when he needs it. He wasn’t incredibly unhealthy, but he wasn’t truly healthy either. He struggled to eat right and rarely exercised. And, why go to the gym when you could be flying instead?


Every two years pilots undergo a medical examine making sure they are in good health. At Woody’s most recent exam, he realized that his blood pressure had crept up — close to the limit for pilots. If he didn’t curb that steady rise, he might not pass this exam the next time around.

When he heard about Novara—the flexible scheduling and digital appointments, the proactive approach, the personalized care—Woody was immediately drawn to the model. After meeting Dr. Hager for a consultation, he felt his views were respected and he could receive the guidance and accountability he needed to optimize his health.

Not even a year later, Woody has lost nearly thirty pounds, got his blood pressure under control, and developed an exercise regiment he actually enjoys. With regular preventative care, Woody and his family hope to experience the freedom of flying for many years to come.