Our patients find success through the power of accountability.

“Happy New Year”—the familiar adage greets us each year with a glamorous beginning.

Two Novara patients enjoying spending time together

We make resolutions with exuberant ambition and excited determination. Yet, Forbes reports that although 40% of Americans set New Year’s goals, only 8% of Americans actually achieve them. U.S News writes that 80% of people who make resolutions have given up on their goal by the second week in February. With such statistics in mind, it can be tempting to write off goals as simply unachievable. While there are variety of reasons for failure, lack of accountability and setting goals that are too lofty are the among the top reasons for defeat.

Are you living the life you want? Are you tired of being frustrated by the same distractions to your health year after year? Are you happy with your overall wellness? What if you weren’t alone in your struggle to accomplish your goal? What if the goals you set last time really were achievable?

At Novara, our patients find success through the power of accountability.

We tailor your medical care specifically to your lifestyle needs. What are your dreams? What are your struggles? What brings you joy? We ask as many tough questions as necessary to become your trusted medical advisor.

By creating a plan with you, we help you establish incremental goals that make larger long-term goals achievable. Maybe you want to lower high blood pressure, reduce stress, or get more sleep at night. Or, you simply want to stay active or cut out midnight snacking. With a realistic plan, practical tools to track progress, and a physician to walk alongside you, you can transform your health.

Authenticity and accountability changes the whole dynamic of a doctor-patient relationship. We offer plenty of encouragement and proactive guidance tempered with a practical belief in personal responsibility. At quarterly check-ins we ask questions like, “How are you meeting your goals?” This enables us to support you, while also allowing you to truly take ownership of your own wellness. With a trusting, doctor-patient partnership, your health goals are within reach, enabling you to become happier, healthier, and ready to embrace your highest level of wellness. So...what are your health goals this year?