The word “concierge” paints a picture of a traveling to a new city and asking a hotel concierge for helpful advice on restaurant recommendations.

A good concierge will ask meaningful questions and listens to what you have to say in order to figure out if you are craving a hearty steak or some fresh sushi. If they’ve done their job right, you’ll find yourself enjoying a delicious meal in no time.

Concierge medicine adheres to the same principles. A thoughtful, caring doctor listens to you, asks the right questions, and directs you toward the best version of yourself over time. In this fast-paced world, having a doctor who takes their time to get to know you and helps you navigate through your overall health journey can be transformative.

Why struggle alone when you don’t have to?

A recent study in the medical publication The Journal of Pain shows that patients who feel trust and affinity toward their doctors felt less pain than patients who didn’t trust their doctor. The doctor-patient relationship is critical to a patient’s success. Here at Novara, we are committed to our patient’s health. We walk hand-in-hand with each of our patients through their health journey and we are connected to their success.

With recent changes in healthcare—like rising health insurance premiums and growing uncertainty about potential changes to healthcare legislation—family doctors don’t always have the time to listen to each patient. The Business Insider reports that a majority of primary care doctors are only able to take 10-20 minutes for an appointment. In that short amount of time, it’s hard for the doctor-patient relationship to become a partnership, focusing on the patient’s overall wellness, rather than providing relief for an immediate issue. Concierge medicine typically allows for 30-60 minutes per patient during appointments. Time can be the difference between real health solutions and temporary fixes. It allows greater communication, authentic relationship, personalized recommendations, and attention.

By adopting a concierge model at Novara, we’ve freed ourselves up to be your proactive health advocate—your trusted guide toward personalized health goals. The more time and increased access you have to a doctor you know and trust, the better you can be held accountable for reaching your highest level of wellness.