In nearly every situation, two heads are far better than one. When we’re working as part of a team, we solve problems faster—and more efficiently—than we ever could on our own.

But while we’re quick to tout the benefits of teamwork in the office and on the sports field, we don’t often consider the importance of working together to improve our most important asset: our health and wellness.

Yet where healthcare is concerned, collaboration is key. At Novara, we believe that building a trusted partnership with you and among your team of doctors leads to better outcomes and more effective treatments. Instead of sending mixed messages, we can streamline care, develop a coordinated action plan, and talk about potential next steps – all before your next visit.

Back to basics

The idea of collaborative care is nothing new. In fact, it’s why primary care began in the first place: as a way of providing holistic care to every patient. Created to address an individual’s unique physical, mental, social, and spiritual health, primary care plays a vital role in your overall health and wellness. But as medicine has gotten more complex—and patients have started to visit a broader team of physicians on a regular basis—the idea of relying on a trusted a primary care doctor or “quarterback” has gone by the wayside. One in five Americans reports not having a primary care doctor and, among those that do, many don’t feel like they’re getting the attention they deserve.

How technology encourages teamwork

Often, the information we’re able to share and monitor comes directly from you, our patients. Today’s wearable devices provide a comprehensive snapshot of your vitals, allowing us to be more proactive and collaborative than ever before. From monitoring heart rates and notifying our cardiology colleagues when we detect abnormalities to detecting conditions and conferring with our partners about potential treatment, technology allows us to collaborate with other physicians in new, potentially life-saving ways.

At Novara, we believe collaboration has the power to transform your health.

By working closely with a wide range of trusted experts, we can proactively address concerns, gain a better understanding of your unique needs, and, ultimately, help you become the best version of yourself.