Linda prides herself on being “the healthiest old person” she knows. She’s been a runner since she was 14 years old. She’s always maintained a solid diet. And, she’s always pushed herself to engage more, do more, and live more completely.

As a motivated small business owner, Linda puts in long days in order to better serve her clients. She loves encouraging her clients to take control of their lives by taking charge. Despite being so busy, she manages to write a blog about home finances and she writes a letter to her clients every single month.

A few years back, Linda began noticing she felt more sore than usual after working out. She chalked it up to aging or pushing herself too hard. But things only got worse. She began having severe joint pain. So much so, she stopped running altogether.

After several appointments with various specialists over the course of an entire year, Linda’s diagnosis remained unclear. None of the treatment options presented to her seemed to make sense. All the while, her pain increased.

Linda felt frustrated. She didn’t know where to turn next.

Around this time, Linda got in touch with Novara. She sat down with Dr. Hager, who listened to her whole story—her frustrations and fears, as well as her symptoms. So, Dr. Hager became Linda’s advocate. He started communicating with several specialists to connect the dots to ensure Linda an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

Soon after, Linda got her diagnosis. For years she had been dealing with the symptoms of an autoimmune disease that causes sporadic, often severe, joint inflammation. If untreated, it could have caused permanent joint damage.

Now Linda and Dr. Hager work together to treat and manage her illness in a way that best suits her lifestyle. She has had fewer flare ups and much less pain, allowing her to keep living life on her own terms—full speed ahead.